“5 for 5” Gratitude Challenge continues!


A couple of weeks ago, we began what I am calling the “5 for 5” Gratitude Challenge.

The idea is simple:  Take 5 minutes each day in quiet prayer and mediation, and then write down 5 things you are thankful for.

I believe when we take time to practice gratitude, we connect more deeply to God.  It changes your attitude and outlook on life, and ultimately leads to a more joyful life.  I know it does for me!

Here are days 2 &3 of my Gratitude Challenge:

Day 2- Five Things I am Thankful for…

  1. Zeke- Again!  Each day he comes and sits beside me as I meditate. It’s hard not to notice him.  (see below)
  2. The sunshine and quiet stillness of the morning– not a leaf is moving and the sun is shining on the spruce trees in our backyard.
  3. The beauty and comfort of our home– we live in a beautiful place!
  4. My family- Abby, Ben, and Caroline–  What a joy to watch our children grow and become young adults.  (Abby is in her element at Alma College.)
  5. Jaime and the joy and challenge of marriage!

My Prayer Partner- Zeke

Day 3-

  1. The gift of this new day- Each day is truly a gift, a new opportunity to create, to love, to share.  What will I create this day?  How will I show God’s love?  With whom is God calling me to share?
  2. This time of quiet prayer and meditation, sensing the joy and wonder of God’s presence.
  3. Golf yesterday at the Orchards– I had two 2’s! (and three 7’s, oh, well!)
  4. Our small group Bible study– the gift of community and friendship shared.  (We are starting a new study on the Book of Revelation.)
  5. The gift of Sabbath rest!  It is Friday, and I have no obligations today!


I invite you again to try the “5 for 5” Gratitude Challenge— just five minutes each day, name five things you are thankful for.  It really does change one’s perspective and outlook, and leads to a more joy-filled life!

Blessings always,

Pastor Jim


4 thoughts on ““5 for 5” Gratitude Challenge continues!

  1. Thank you for sharing! Sitting here on a Thursday night, after an exhausting week, I could be grumpy and… complain about how tired I am and… Think of all the negatives from the week…

    Instead, after reading your post, I am having trouble narrowing down 5 things to be grateful for!

    Here goes –

    My job – wonderful families sharing their kind, thoughtful children with me. Kids who can make me laugh and inspire me to do better every day. Colleagues who have become friends and confidants over the years and a principal who “gets it.”
    Yes, all that, even as I have a stack of papers on my lap to grade and a newsletter to write…

    My dog – wild, wonderful, polka-dotted Wally. My giant bundle of happiness and the only one who truly misses me all day long and isn’t afraid to show it.

    A fit, healthy body that allows me to move and do everything and anything I need it to (even if I forget to rest it enough and push it’s limits often).

    Family. They make me laugh and make
    me crazy, but without them, I would be lonely and bored, sad and uninspired!

    And, finally, my church. Each week I am insired to to live and do better by pasters that work hard to inspire. My connection between church and self has never been stronger (especially tonight!).

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  2. Jim and Jamie, This was a wonderful and enlightening challenge. Rather than list the many things I am grateful for I will leave an observation of my results of this challenge. As I listed the items for day 1, I found it easy to complete the list. When day 2 came more thought was required and I wondered, how will I make it through even 5 days of preparing these lists. I prayed and I was surprised how easy it was to list items for the remaining days and how my focus changed from day 1. On day 1 the listed items were more personal and as the time went on the listed items became more important and focused in terms of priorities in life and the blessings I receive from others in so many ways. Continuing…in his service. Lee

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