Confirmation- Part 3!

Confirmation 2016- Communion Table

Communion Table decorated for Confirmation

Confirmation by Liam Smith

Caring.  God cares for every one of his creatures making sure he looks after them every second 365 days of the year.  Pretty tiring but he does it for his love for us his creation.

Outstanding.  What a God!  A God who knows everybody in the world by name.  And loves everyone the same no matter what their history.  It’s good to know no matter what I do I can always go back to God.

Never changing.  God is unlike us in that he never gets in fights with us. He always wants the best for us and he always wants to be right by our side.  God wants to be close to us and it’s our job to let him into our lives.

Friendly.  God is the best friend anyone could ask for.  He watches after you and always has your back.  I think of him as my extra set of eyes watching out for me even when I’m not looking.

Interesting.  I’ve learned a lot about God from confirmation class.  However I know there is still a ton to learn about God.  This makes me very interested as I continue in my faith journey making me want to know more.

Reviver.   God not only can raise people from the dead physically he also can revive people mentally giving them new life and bringing in light into their lives.

Mighty.  God controls everything.  This reassures me that I have someone like him in charge.  It also tells me to trust in him because although I want to be in control it’s much better if I just let him take over and have full control.

Teacher.  I have learned lots of lessons from being close to God.  I have learned lessons from the gospel and from going and being involved in church activities.  This has made me into the person I am today.

Incredible.  I think of a hero.  God is more than a hero though he is incredible. God has given sight to the blind and sound to the deaf.  God can do the impossible.

One of a kind.  No one is like God.  He is powerful but gentle at the same time.  I can’t think of anything like that.  God can really do it all.

Needed. Without God nothing would be here – I wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t be here, everyone wouldn’t be here.  If there is one thing I learned from confirmation class is God is needed.

Confirmation 2016- Liam Mitchell Maggie


Statement of Faith by Mitchell Williams


J – Jerusalem.  I chose Jerusalem because it is such an important place for Christianity.  It is referenced 806 times in the Bible.  I also think I am an important part in Christianity, just like everyone else.

E- Easter.  I chose Easter.  I think it’s pretty obvious why I chose Easter, but if you were wondering, it is the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead.  It is one of my favorite holidays because it is such a happy time.

S – Sabbath.  I chose Sabbath because I think it is important to set aside time for Him.

U – Unconditionally.  I chose unconditionally because God loves everyone unconditionally.

S – Scripture.  I used scripture because it is pretty much the center for Christianity; because it’s not only in one part of Christianity, it’s in every part.


C – Christmas.  I used Christmas because it was the day Jesus was born and it is also my favorite holiday because I feel closer to family.

H- Healing.  I used healing because Jesus was known for many things and healing anything was one of those things.  He heals me in stressful times and also helps other people to get over those times.

R – Resurrection.  I used resurrection because even after being crucified, Jesus resurrected from the dead.  To me this means that I am never dead in Christ.

I -Idol.  I chose idol because Jesus should be our only idol and nothing else.  To me, he is my idol.

S -Sin.  I chose sin because Jesus died on the cross and relieved us of all our sin.  To me, this means that I am never lost in Christ.

T-Trinity.  I chose trinity for the holy trinity.  The trinity gives me guidance through life.


Confirmation Class- 2016 Worship


Statement of Faith by Ted Kosarek


H- Hopes and dreams for every person.

O- Other gods don’t compare.

L- Listens to you always.

Y- Yield.  I will strive to Yield to His will for my life.

S- Sins.  My Sins are forgiven by His grace.

P- Provides me with strength and light.

I- Inspires me to help those in need.

R- Ready to accept my sins.

I- Interested in me and will always listen.

T- Treats you with care.


Confirmation- Part 2!

Confirmation 2016- Bench

Confirmation Class 2016- Front row:  Sam, Thomas, and Mitchell.  Back row: Maggie, Ted, Will, Tori, and Kate.  (Missing: Liam)


Nine young people joined the church on Sunday, May 15, 2016 – Pentecost Sunday.

They all did a wonderful job leading worship and sharing a part of their faith journeys with us.  In case you missed it, here are some of their statements of faith:

My Faith Statement – by Victoria Johnson


H- Having faith in God has helped me in many ways.  The most important one is not over worrying.  I know that God will make everything as it is supposed to be.

O- Our church is like a family.  I have so many memories that make me smile still just to think about.  Our love for God has brought together so many people I care about and who care about me.

L- Loving God has never been difficult for me.  I love Him as a friend, protector, and father.

Y- Youthfulness of God means He will live forever, and I can trust and love Him forever.

S– Songs we sing in our church always lift my mood.  It’s relaxing and calming to see everyone singing in unison.

P- Praying is calming in stressful situations.  It helps me God is there to help.

I- Interacting with people with very similar beliefs helps me enjoy learning about God  and praising Him.

R- Realizing God would save me because I love and believe in how amazing He is makes me feel safe and protected.

I- I found how to love God through mostly hymns, people, and the stories of Him and His son.

T- Trusting God has helped me be happy and trusting of other people.


Statement of Faith by Sam Caldwell


H– Hero.  God is like my own personal super hero who I can spread to others.

O– Only God can judge me for who I am and only He can change me.

L– Lord, only you know what is best for me.

Y– Young or old, I will spread your word to everyone I possibly can.

S– Sam.  I am Sam, I am yours and you are mine.

P– Prayer is most important; spread it to everyone you can.

I– I am a child of God.

R– Resurrected from the cross, you came back to show you’re alive and real.

I– I am granted eternal life in heaven.

T– Thank you, God, for helping me in hard times, for curing my sins, for always being here with me, no matter what happens.

Confirmation 2016- Helping in Kitchen

Helping in the Kitchen

Statement of Faith by Thomas Bassett

T- Thankful.  I am Thankful that the Good Lord has blessed me with a wonderful and supportive family and many friends.

H- Helping.  I believe in Helping people.  This is something that is important to me.  I enjoy assisting others with whatever they may need— which makes me feel like I can do anything after.

O- Opportunity.  I have an Opportunity to try my best in spreading the Lord’s word.  I will also take any opportunity that God will give me.

M- Messenger.  I am a Messenger of God’s word.  I want to be God’s hands and feet and share His message with others.

A- Always.  I will Always try my hardest to do what I need to get done.  I am also always trying to be the best person I can be.

S- Strive.  I will Strive to be the very best person I can be and to make a positive difference in our world.  I will do this to honor and worship God and to show others how great God is.

More to come!

Nine Young People Join the Church!

Confirmation 2016- Class pic

Members of the 2016 Confirmation Class  (from left to right):  Will Kosarek, Tori Johnson, Maggie Zanlungo, Kate Bassett, Ted Kosarek, Mitchell Williams, Liam Smith, Sam Caldwell, Tom Bassett

Nine young people joined the church last Sunday on Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday!  The youth did a wonderful job as they led worship and shared their faith with the congregation as they joined the church.  Here are some of their statements of faith.  Check it out!

Confirmation Essay – by Maggie Zanlungo

Who were you a year ago? How far have you come since that day?  Is the person you currently are the person you have always wanted to be?  How do you know?  The most popular answers to these questions are simply somewhere along the lines of I don’t know.  What is your plan?  What is God’s plan for you?  How are they related?

I think we can all agree that we’ve wished for a cheat sheet sometimes.  My school counselor recently addressed my fellow classmates and I at a college collaboration.  She said, “You don’t get to pick and choose the things that happen to you, you can only decide the kind of person you become because of it.”  Although the speech had nothing to do with God or religion, it gave me perspective.

As far as I know, every Christian is taught some varying principles about God at a very young age.  In my personal experience, I was told that God loves me, just as he loves all of his creations.  I was also taught that God was all powerful, he could move mountains, and part seas, and even scare away the monsters lurking under my bed.  And as a final rule, I was taught that God had a plan for me; he had a plan.

Suddenly, I was connecting the dots between my counselors speech and the plan that would never fail me, but I was the one who had to choose how I would process the ups and downs of this plan.  When the dust settled would I live in bitterness or rise from the ashes?

Again, I referred back to the easy answer:  I don’t know.  I wanted to be the person God wanted me to be, but I didn’t know where to start.  It all comes down to choice:  How will you handle the best and worst of situations?

The bad and the good walk hand in hand, so be prepared for both.  I don’t know a lot of things.  For example, I have no idea how to calculate the surface area of a sphere, or when humans will make it to Mars, but I know God has a plan for me.  I now that he has a plan to show me what I need to do be a good follower.  I don’t know if I will leave the world a better place than it was when I came into it, but God knows.

He has a plan for all of us, so we should not fear what is coming next,

because God knows.

Confirmation 2016- at Joes

Work Day at Joe Hallman’s last fall

William’s Faith Statement – by Will Kosarek

C- Creative and loving

R- Righteous- he is a fair and just leader.  He rules with love.

E- Everything and everyone is his beautiful creation.

A- Among us all.

T- Tortured on the cross for our sins.

O- Original- I don’t have to be the same as everyone else to be loved by God.

R- Ruler of my destiny— his word will help guide me through the journey of life.

G- Great creator of everything.

O- Outstanding Perseverance- He endured the cross for all people to be forgiven.

D- Diamond in the rough- he lived as an ordinary man with extraordinary powers.

A Drawing by Kate Bassett

Confirmation 2016- Kate Bassett

by Kate Bassett

Kate writes:  “My drawing represents new life and new things growing into the world.  God brings new things into this world every day and creates things that are all around us.  His creations can breathe, dance, and show emotion.  God gives the blind sight and the deaf hearing.  He gives us life.  He gives and gives, and we can forever be grateful!

Congratulations to all our confirmands in 2016, and the adults who have helped teach and mentor these students along the way.  May God’s blessing continue to be upon all of you!

Stay tuned:

More pics and Statements of Faith will follow!