Learning How to Pray: Invitation to Psalms

Praying the Psalms
An Invitation to Psalms

This February, we are beginning a new sermon series and Bible study at St. Thomas, called:  “Learning to Pray: An Invitation to Psalms” — and You’re invited!!!

In the book of Psalms, we see the wide range of human emotion, from songs of highest joy and praise to prayers of deepest despair and heartache, and everything in between! Yet through it all, God is there!

Most of all, the Psalms are prayers.  And through our study of them, we ourselves learn how to pray, not in order to manipulate God to be a part of our lives, but so that we might become a part of the life-giving story of God.

Author Michael Jinkins says, “When we read, hear, and pray the Psalms, we stand within texts torn by earthquakes of the Spirit where God’s profound promises meet our own profound needs. This study invites us to engage the Psalms at the deepest levels of our hearts and to plumb our own experience of God….”

We invite you to join us every Sunday in Lent (this February through March) as we explore this exciting new series.

Also, we are encouraging everyone to please consider participating in a small group Bible study as a part of your Lenten Devotion. If you are not already in a group, this is a wonderful opportunity to get started and to experience new community and fellowship, as we go deeper into God’s word.

The sermon series begins February 7 and small groups will be forming the first week of February! Don’t miss it!

Come, learn how to connect more deeply to the power, presence, and peace of God today!